Easter Homily

If you ever wonder where Jesus is in your life,
the gospel of the resurrection
offers details of his whereabouts.

The story first tells us that even those who look for Jesus
faithfully, sincerely, even courageously -
even such as these often look for him in the wrong places.

Fifth Sunday of Easter

"I am the vine, you are the branches."

"Have you accepted Christ as your personal savior?" How do you respond to that question? Uneasily, if you are like me for much of my life. The question had seemed far too direct and intense. It also struck me as being a bit overdone on the emotional side. A little extreme.

Third Sunday of Easter

Note: At two of the three Sunday liturgies we will be welcoming young people to the Lord's table for the first time.

Congratulations to our young people who are making their first holy communion today, at this mass. We're very proud of you and we know that you're excited, but you should also know that we adults are excited too…we can't wait to welcome you to our Church-family dining room table! And that's what this altar is. It's our dining room table where Jesus comes to touch us, and to feed us.

This Past Friday

This past Friday, I had dinner with my friends Msgr. Sam Sirianni, Sister Eleanor McCann, and Fr. Sam's brother, Michael. Then, Sister Eleanor stayed overnight at the Parish House. All three of them were able to join us for the Welcoming Party for new parishioners, and I've been told that their presence made it the "best Welcoming Party....ever!" We had a great time, and lots of laughs.