In the Spirit of Taize

On first Friday evenings of most months we gather at St. Anselm’s for our Taize worship service. Taize is a form of Christian ecumenical worship involving prayer, song and meditation patterned after the group worship of a community of brothers living in Taize, France. Started over 70 years ago  by Brother Roger to aid refugees displaced by the fighting in Europe, the service celebrates the belief that “all humanity forms a single family and God lives within every human being without exception”. (Brother Alois)

Taize creates a safe and peaceful space for meeting with the Risen Christ. Through prayer, personal encounters and shared hospitality we open ourselves to God and overcome barriers and differences among us.

Over the decades, the Taize service grew in popularity as countless people young and old made pilgrimages to France to spend a week in meetings and prayer. As a result of those experiences, a worldwide movement called “The Pilgrimage of Trust on Earth” evolved.

The movement is dedicated to the tireless witness to the Gospel of Peace and Reconciliation in the world and seeks spiritual communion among all Christian peoples.

We believe that the apostolic faith that motivated Sts. Peter and Paul puts us on this ecumenical road together.